Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bridge & Tunnel @ Generation Records

The increasingly great (and my number 5 LP of the year!) Bridge & Tunnel will be making a special appearance at Generation Records in Greenwich Village next month. Generation shows are always awesome and special in some way, even when they get absurdly cramped and you can't see much (anybody catch the Fucked Up show there?). Cheeky will be opening the show which kicks off at 8pm on Wednesday Jan 28th. Free as long as you bring a can of food to donate (bring more than one if you're awesome).

Can't make this? Bridge & Tunnel will also be performing a month
later on Feb 28th at Matchless in scenic Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Cheap Pabst, Bridge & Tunnel and a 5 minute walk home? You bet I'll be there.

January 28th at Generation Records
210 Thompson Street
Greenwich Village, NYC
trains to West 4th St Station

February 28th at Bar Matchless
Manhattan Ave & Driggs Ave
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
train to Nassua Ave
train to Bedford Ave

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top Ten Records of 08

Everyone loves to read end of the year top ten lists. And everyone loves to make end of year top ten lists and push their personal opinions upon others. So here we go, my Top Ten Records of 2008. My list is better than your list.

H2O - Nothing To Prove
Bridge 9 Records

It was 7 years since the last new H2O record. Usually that amount of time between records causes people to forget about a band. But those kindsa people probably don't listen to bands like H20. No biggy, more for me. H2O returns as family men who are taking a look at the new state of "punk" bands, and they don't like it too much. Choice tracks like "Nothing To Prove" and "What Happened?" show that H2O hasn't forgotten who they are, but they kinda want to know: who the hell are you?

This Is Hell - Misfortunes
Trustkill Records

On their second LP, This Is Hell stepped further into their shoes and goes for a little run. Distancing themselves a bit from American Nightmare stylings of
Sundowning and drawing more metal influences, they've gifted us with a new, raw and refreshing hardcore album that's been a regular staple in my rotations this year.

United Nations - United Nations
Eyeball Records

The hype and salivations by the masses for United Nations, a screamo supergroup has subsided. Everyone's gotten all their "best. album. ever.", "i dont get it" and "it just sounds like shitty Orchid" out of their systems, so maybe now we can just enjoy this record for what it is. I won't lie at first the hype almost turned me off to enjoying the band, but it's kinda just not possible. The album shreds, shreds real hard. Now if only Eyeball Records would send me the fucking vinyl copy I ordered almost two months ago and claims shipped. Seriously, I'm really pissed and if anyone knows someone at Eyeball, tell them to watch their backs.

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
SideOneDummy Records

The New Jersey success story of the year. Been a while since we had one of them hasn't it? Comprised of a strong match of NJ punk scene veterans, The Gaslight Anthem have been slowly but surely turning heads over the past few years since their first LP
Sink or Swim came out guns blazing with a raw Social D meets Hot Water Music style. With The '59 Sound the guys turn down the distortion and roll their packs of smokes into their t shirt sleeves. This time it's all about the stories in the songs and polaroids you could imagine them being documented on. If Bruce Springsteen were to go punk, it'd sound like this.

Thursday/Envy Split LP
Temporary Residence LTD

I was one of the few who were not disappointed in Thursday's
A City By The Light Divided but I do this weird thing where I listen to bands I already know with an open mind and an understanding of them wanted to try new things. Crazy I know. Free from their contract with Island, Thursday really shows a return to form with some of their most creative material yet, including two instrumental tracks. Imagine Explosions In The Sky if they were a heavy band. Envy as always does not disappoint either with texture rich songs that make you wonder so much what they're singing about (cause its in Japanese). Releasing it only on vinyl? Also a glorious idea.

Bridge & Tunnel - East/West
No Idea Records

I first heard Bridge & Tunnel a while back at my favorite bar Lost & Found (RIP) here in lovely Greenpoint Brooklyn. Normally I get kinda pissed when there's an unexpected show at L&F cause one of the bar's main draws in the relatively low music levels and never-packed-ness. But this time I figured whatever, a buncha friends are already here and I'm about 5 Miller High Life's deep, go with it. Bridge & Tunnel struck my attention right away. I felt as if they were reviving something, but I wasn't sure what. They reminded me of You & I expect not really at all. Cursive? Kinda. Hot Water Music? A bit. Regardless I was in love and bought their 7" on the spot. This summer they followed up with East/West and it picks up right where the 7" teased at. Dynamic guitars, split male/female lead vocals and observational songs about life in general. Get this record. And their 7". And their split with Young Livers.

Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas - Bristle Ridge
Ten Four Records

Ever since starting his own solo career, Chuck Ragan really has not slowed down one bit. From the 7" club releases with No Idea, one live LP, one studio LP and countless other 7" singles and splits it seems that if Chuck writes a song, he's gonna release it. This has got to be his most ambitious effort yet. Teaming up with natural born folk singer Austin Lucas they crafted some of both's finest songs yet. From rootsy bluegrass and folk to striped ballads and nonholy gospel, Ragan and Lucas riffle through their own songs, collaborations and some old standards and present them in a way only these two could together. Also featuring Chuck Ragan live show staples Digger Barnes and Jon Gaunt, and Austin's father Bob Lucas, who recorded the record in his rural Indiana home. It really doesn't matter what your music of preference is, you will love this record.

Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life
Matador Records

Ah, Fucked Up. What will you do next. Never a band to take kindly to restrictions or boundaries many tend to place on hardcore music (I can barely even consider them a hardcore band), Fucked Up is at it again. Opening the record with a lone flute, it eventually unfolds into everything you love about Fucked Up. Songs of epic length and sonic mindfucks. Bizarre instrumentions dance around power chord heavy rhythm sections and Damien's signature growl on an even more ambitious effort than
Hidden World, as if that were possible. See them next month in Brooklyn. It won't be another 12 hour show, but it'll be one to remember.

Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom
No Idea Records

Something's got to really suck in this dude's life to sing the things he sings. I'd cite something specific but really, just listen and you'll see what I mean. Seriously, like I really hope playing the songs and touring is theraputic for him. Regardless, Off With Their Heads play the kind of gritty punk rock that is catchy as hell but doesn't compromise any substance. The vocals are harsh and gravely (a friend equated it to a drunk pirate) and really aren't for everyone. But if it is for you, odds are you already love the band. This record really resonates with all the energy and dont-give-a-fuck attitude that makes bands like this so great. They're on tour for the rest of their lives, so if they come through town definitely make it a point to see them, buy all their LPs, 7"s and a shirt. They deserve your love, and Taco Bell.

Dillinger Four - C I V I L W A R
Fat Wreck Chords

Here it is folks, my favorite album of the year. This prestigeous honor goes to another band who's been taking their sweet ass time releasing a new record. Dillinger Four decided to make us wait 6 years since they released
Situationist Comedy to grace us with another release. And well, it was goddamn worth it. This record is infectuous. Nothing new or ground breaking. No experimentation from D4. Nothing to validate the 6 year gap in records. But fuck it, this is all you need. Dillinger Four doing what they do best. Drinking beer and playing energetic four chord punk songs with absurd titles about pop culture and Jesus. And when they come through on tour you're gonna do what you're obligated to do as an American with civil duties, get drunk and go have an awesome time at the show. Get this record and all their others, it might make you a good person.

I have returned

Well it's been a good three months or so since my last post. Sounds about right. Write for a few weeks, then disappear. Write another few weeks, disappear. Rinse, repeat. I'm going to try to stay more active here and also invite contributions from anyone else interested in yammering about things relating to non shitty music and cool stuff going on around Brooklyn.

I think to close out 2008 I'll opt for posting a top ten list of year. Maybe a few of them. Definitely a top 10 records of the year. Maybe top 10 bars? Top 10 shows? Did I even go to 1o shows this year? We'll see. You'll see.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reviving more than just a tour

Odds are you already know of The Revival Tour going on this fall featuring Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Ben Nichols (Lucero) and Tim Barry (Avail). Odds are you know it's going to be an incredible show to experience as these three are some of the most influential song writers in contemporary punk music and what really is punk rock but folk music with fast drums and distorted powerchords?

Well the fine gents making up The Revival Tour figured it's not enough to just provide us all with a sure to be memorable performance, but we should have some music to take home with us. Chuck and his wife recently pressed a CD called "Revival Road" on their own Ten Four Records. The disc features songs from Chuck, Ben and Tim and will be available every night of the tour. Vinyl you ask? Duh of course vinyl is going to be available. Vinyl Collective and Side One Dummy will have the record available on vinyl and you'll also be able to grab it at the later dates of the tour. There are 500 pressed on brown vinyl with Kraft paper silkscreened jackets and 1,000 printed on white vinyl with black paper silkscreened jackets. You can currently pre-order either individually or a special package of both for $25 from the good folks at Vinyl Collective. Yea, I got the package of both. As if I had a choice? Details of the NYC date can be found below.

The Revival Tour
f/ Chuck Ragan, Ben Nichols, Tim Barry and special guest Frank Turner
Monday Oct 13th
The Blender Theater at Gramercy
127 E 23rd St. Manhattan, NYC

6 train to 23rd St
R/W trains to 23rd St
L train to 3rd Ave

Monday, September 15, 2008

Extend your stay, amongst other things

Came across this lovely video whilst boredly perusing the intrawebs. I've stayed at Extended Stay Hotels before, and while I must say it is comfy as hell, I didn't experience this high degree of "relaxation". Maybe they've got some killer new wings at the hotel bar? It might be time to plan another trip though, that's some impressive power.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

NYC + Craft Beer = oh shit...

Beer. Anyone who knows a damn thing about me knows how much I like beer of all dimensions and qualities. I will spend $10+ on a single 120z bottle of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. I will also have no problem whatsoever riffling through all my pants for change to cough up $2.50 for a 40 of Colt 45.

It's NY Craft Beer Week and it couldn't have come at a better time of the year. Summer is ending. Fall is starting. The weather is becoming more and more bearable throughout the days and nights. So what better time to get some friends together for a good ol' fashion bar crawl?

It's a pretty simple idea. Purchase your $19 ticket for the night online (I assume you print it out?) and check out the event's website to see what bars in what neighborhoods are participating. Each bar has about 3 beers selected for the event week and will provide 8oz glasses (pictured above) to sample each one in. 8oz may seem small, but figure it's 3 beers per bar, and about 8 bars per neighborhood and you're not limited to just one neighborhood for the evening! Next weekend I'll be taking part in the Greenpoint bar crawl (excited to check out the Hop Obama from Sixpoint Brewery at Black Rabbit) which depending on how drunk we get, will trickle down to the Williamsburg bars participating as well. Check out the list of beers available at this week's celebration.

Greenpoint Bars participating:
The Mark Bar
1025 Manhattan Ave
224 Franklin St
Van Gogh's Radio Lounge
147 Franklin St
Black Rabbit
91 Greenpoint Ave
The Diamond
43 Franklin St
The Gutter Bar
200 N 14th St

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sounds of the NYC underground

For the past few weeks MSG Network has been broadcasting a show called NYC Sound Tracks which put 16 NYC subway musicians up against each other and based on viewer votes, they'd narrow it down to one finalist. I've seen a few episodes of it (now that I finally have cable at my apartment) and it's been a real cool show. I've even recognized some of the musicians (bearded flute dude, Boradway-Lafayette station on the B train, sup brother).

This weekend's episode will be the final for this season and it's been narrowed down to either Dorian Spencer or Gibran Soul to be crowned the official (according to MSG viewers atleast) Best NYC Subway Artist. It'll air at 8pm this Sunday on MSG Network. Here's a video with a snippet from the show.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Duuuuude I'm sooo...

Fucked Up will giving a special performance tomorrow (9/12) evening in Manhattan at the ever excellent Generation Records. They'll go on at 8PM and if you wanna go you better email fuckedup@matadorrecords.com reaaaaaaaaaaaally fuckin' fast cause space is absurdly limited. It's at a record store people... I'll be there with camera in hand. Now if only my Mac was working so I could actually upload the photos... Regardless, if you live in New York and you happen to actually enjoy good music, I highly recommend you make an attempt to email that address with your name to ensure you'll get in. I ain't promising you will though (I'm all set so screw ya'll). Their next LP "The Chemistry Of Common Life" is due out next month on Matador Records.

Fucked Up
Generation Records
210 Thompson St
Greenwich Village, NYC

A, C, E, B, D, V or F trains to W 4th St.
1 or 2 trains to Houston St.
R or W trains to 8th St.
PATH train to 9th St.
fuck Manhattan buses...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Serve, Protect and Beat The Shit Out Of You If We Feel Like It

As a cyclist in this city, you put up with a lot. Joggers running against traffic in the BIKE lane, not many bike lanes to begin with, moronic and careless drivers who think bikes are supposed to ride on the sidewalk (it's ILLEGAL numbnuts) and occasionally yes, police officers with nothing better to do than give you a hard time (gawd forbid they go patrol some neighborhoods that need it). I've had my share of cops messing with me for stupid nonsense. But NOTHING I or anyone I know has ever experienced in NYC, Philly, Baltimore and wherever the hell else I or my friends have biked compares to what happened at Friday's Critical Mass in midtown Manhattan.

Nice little display of how much you care about serving and protecting there officer. And to top it off, the kid got arrested and the cop denied it all! Police drunk on power is a huge problem in this city and I really start to wonder what it's going to take before something is done about it. You'd think the Shawn Bell murder would have? But no, that just proved that you could blast 50+ rounds into an unarmed person and walk away if you have a badge. So really, what is it gonna take in this city?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sonic Youth to close the show

Well we all knew it was coming. This summer is the last year for JellyNYC pool parties and other concerts at McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint (that's right, it's in Greenpoint, sorry Williamsburg). The pool parties have been the apple of our summer eyes for the past few years. Bands you want to see, for free? Shit where do I sign up? Nowhere, just show up. But it must come to an end (maybe), and who better but to ring out the last note but Sonic Youth? OK it's not the final JellyNYC pool party, but it will be the official last concert at McCarren. The last JellyNYC party will be on August 24th and the lineup will be announced soon. This summer has seen some great shows, and more to come. The Loved Ones showed me that I'll stand in the rain if I really like a band that much. And though I can't say I was particularly impressed with anyone's performance at the MGMT show yesterday, the $2 Sixpoint Sweet Action in the VIP area treated me nicely. Seriously who doesn't like cheap beer? While you must purchase tickets for the Sonic Youth show, that's not such a bad thing. Think of all the shows you're seen for free, it can't kill ya to pay for ONE. And it's SONIC YOUTH. You've heard of them right? Ok cool.

Sat. August 30th
4PM Doors
get tickets
McCarren Park Pool
780 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY
L train to Bedford Ave or Lorimer St
G train to Metropolitan Ave or Nassua Ave

Friday, July 11, 2008

back again

Well it seems I've once again taken a long absence from writing. Laziness? Maybe. Lack of events to write about? Hardly. Distraction from third parties? OK that's it. I wanted to write about Renegade Craft Fair, a review of The Loved Ones at McCarren Pool, NYC Bubble Battle and Brooklyn Kickball. But those things are long past. Well I suppose I can still do a overdue review of Renegade. And if you so please, here's some pictures from The Loved Ones at McCarren Pool. And I go to the kickball games every week so that's still fresh. Ok so I guess I was just lookin for an excuse there with that "long past" nonsense. But alas, ever onward. It's NYC, it's summer, things are happening and if I think it doesn't suck I'll have some words on it here. First thing's first...

Tomorrow night is indeed one of the most anticipated nights of this summer for myself and anyone else who knows a damn thing about good music. Hot Water Music, Thursday and Paint It Black (or as I like to call it, the Time Capsule Show) will be performing together at Terminal 5 in midtown Manhattan. Unusual location for a show of this type, but hey they have fresh (I wish free) empanadas on the third floor balcony and beers are actually sensibly priced for that part of the city. However also that night, Alkaline Trio is headlining Irving Plaza with American Steel and Dillinger 4 supporting. Now I used to love Alkaline Trio, I really did and still love all those records and have even found songs I can appreciate on Crimson and Good Mourning. But to say they're even a shadow of the band who released Goddamnit and Maybe I'll Catch Fire would be a goddamn lie. I propose Alkaline Trio's bus be stopped and searched at the Lincoln Tunnel. And held for several hours forcing them to miss load in and soundcheck. American Steel and Dillinger 4 will have no choice but to come up to Terminal 5 and join the Hot Water/Thursday/Paint It Black show. I think it's a great idea yes? No? Who wants to help make it happen? More importantly who else is gonna be Lost & Found in Greenpoint Bklyn before the show gettin the day started right?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nicole Atkins & The East River

Nicole Atkins plays pop music. Really great pop music. Not of the radio variety and not of the super pretentious variety. Just really great pop music taking hints from the greatest of the 60s pop and R&B singers and crafting it into a contemporary sound which isn't quite her own, but who cares because she does it so well. Her new album "Neptune City" on Columbia Records explores her varied influences while showcasing a strong songwriter coming into her own in this world of often vapid and redundant pop music. Catchy, upbeats tunes ("Brooklyn's On Fire") twirl around with torchy ballads ("The Way It Is") on this record with theatrical balance. So with all this knowledge, doesn't she sound like someone you'd like to see perform live? Perhaps even... for FREE? Well New York City, you can. She will be playing a free show at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens on Tuesday June 17th at 7:30pm. Full details below.

Nicole Atkins (7:30)
Salt & Samovar (6:30)
Socrates Sculpture Park
32-01 Vernon Blvd (intersection of Vernon & Broadway)
Long Island City, NY 11106
N/W train to Broadway (in Queens, dur)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just blow with a large group of strangers

Summer is upon us and the good folks at Newmindspace are ready again to satiate your hunger for something ridiculous and fun in large numbers. They give to us once again, the NYC Bubble Battle. It feels like just yesterday that the NYC Pillow Fight occurred in Union Square (yeah that was in March... oh, spring 08 where hath thee gone?). But this is surely not to disappoint. No location has been announced just yet, though previously it's been held at Astor Place and I think that is quite the suitable battle ground. I expect to see some double barrel bubble guns and semi automatic sub-bubble assault rifles here. Full details have yet to be announced including info on an after party, but I'll be sure to post as soon as it does. But for now, jot this down:

Newmindspace presents:
NYC Bubble Battle
Saturday, Jun 21st
6:15pm - 7:15pm
Somewhere in Manhattan?

Add the event to your Facebook.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get Loved at McCarren Pool this month

Usually when someone writes about an upcoming show, it's because of the killer headliner (see three posts down...). And it's not that I don't dig The Hold Steady, they're a solid band. But this is all about The Loved Ones. They first caught my attention in the summer of 06 while I was in Baltimore with my old band recording an album with Brian McTernan, who recorded their first EP and LP. They stopped by the studio while coming through town on tour and were really killer guys. So I checked their tunes out and was super into it. It was that solid, catchy punk rock that while many bands do well, they just do much better. Gritty yet melodic vocals, hook laden guitars and driving drum beats. Nothing outrageous, just something concrete and excellently executed. Their second LP "Build And Burn" brought more of a pop and at times folky element to the songwriting and they really started to shine through with their full potential without sacrificing anything fans of the first two records loved about them. So why did I mention The Hold Steady at first? Oh yeah. Well, The Loved Ones will be opening for them at McCarren Park Pool on June 29th. Like I said, it's not that I don't dig The Hold Steady. I just think The Loved Ones are far better. There will also be a special song performed during The Loved Ones' set. What is it? Well, you'll just have to go to the show (hint: Chuck will be proud!). Details are below.

JellyNYC Presents:
The Hold Steady
The Loved Ones
J Roddy & The Business
Sun June 29 at 2pm
McCarren Park Pool
780 Lorimer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

L train to Bedford Ave or Lorimer St.
G train to Nassau Ave or Metropolitan Ave
also accessible from B61, B48 and B43 bus lines.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another place to dispose of your paychecks...

If there's one thing there will never be too many of in Brooklyn, or anywhere really, is record stores. Not CD stores, record stores where one can make purchases of the vinyl persuasion. While en route to Queens on Franklin Ave in Greenpoint the other week, a friend and I spotted this place, Permanent Records which we'd never noticed before (obviously cause it's pretty new). Immediately we spun our bikes around and popped in. And yes of course, we spent a good forty five minutes perusing through. I gotta say, impressive. Great selection of classic pop, rock and jazz records as well as more contemporary punk and indie stuff. And a great bin of seven inch records. It may not look like much at first glance, but you'll find yourself looking through every last record there and having to decide which ones to get and which to put back. Or maybe not? Everything is very modestly priced. I picked up 7"s from Minor Threat, The Cro(w)s and Wat Tyler and some new record cleaner for under $12. And did I mention that the guy working there (dunno if he was the owner?) was super nice and helpful? Yeah, I know. At a record store in Brooklyn, but believe me it happened. You could tell he really cares about and appreciates music. Give them a shot, you'll be happy. Then go celebrate your new favorite record shop and buy me drinks at Lost & Found as a token of thanks.

Permanent Records
181 Franklin St. (corner of Huron St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11222

G train to Greenpoint Ave
B61, B43 buses to India St. & Manhattan Ave.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Death//Traitors doesnt wanna see you naked

The summer line from Brooklyn t-shirt company Death/Traitors is now available and waiting for you to buy it. It's about to get real hot out, might as well look hot as well. I'm particularly happy to see the Doomsday artwork now on a t-shirt (it was a sweatshirt in the winter line). Stay posted on their website about upcoming concerts and DJ party nights around Brooklyn. I'm sure I'll write about it here as well. Purchase your shiny new D/T swag from the website or at these retail locations:

90 N. 11th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Autumn Skateboard Shop
436 E. 9th St
New York, NY 10009

Division East (exclusive D/T/DE collab shirt avail here)
460 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042

404 N. Harrison St.
Richmond, VA 23220

1998 NJ basements come to 2008 NYC

Hot Water Music. Thursday. Paint It Black. When was the last time you could have seen these three bands together? OK maybe Paint It Black woulda been Lifetime or Kid Dynamite, but you get the idea. On July 12th these three bands will be playing together at Terminal 5 here in NYC. After being disappointed by the lack of a Hot Water reunion show back in December when they started playing again, it can safely be said that this makes up for it tenfold. Missing this show should not even be an option. It's a Saturday night. It's reasonably priced. And well, Hot Water Music is playing. That right there is reason enough for anyone with ears to attend this. If somehow you're not familiar with these bands, check out their Myspace pages below:

Hot Water Music
Paint It Black

Monday, April 14, 2008

=w=tf is everyone talking about?

OK so you can hear a short clip of Weezer's new song "Pork & Beans" and everyone is goin nutso crazy saying how they're so excited that it sounds like Pinkerton. I want to know if these people own Pinkerton or just know they're supposed to say that's Weezer's best album. Sure, the guitar tones are thick and fuzzy and it's sounding more stripped down than the more recent albums, but the melody is severely lacking any resemblance to a Pinkerton era Weezer. Same with the lyrics, which I understand is going to be so since Rivers has much changed his outlook on songwriting. It sounds more like a Green album song so far but recorded the way they did the Blue album and Pinkerton. C'mon though, this only reminded me of Pinkerton for a split second. And there is so much of the song we are not hearing yet, the little bit of verse leading into this does not sound like something I want to have anything to do with. I guess I'm just pessimistic because their last three albums have gotten progressively worse and worse. We'll see, for now though I am very unimpressed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Get on your bikes and ride

I know I've been MIA since February. Whups. Anyway I wanted to share with all none of my readers the awesomeness of Great Used Bikes.com. I needed to upgrade from my old 3 speed cruiser (click that link, I'm selling it) to a more suitable bike for interborough travel. I ended up landing a lovely 10 speed Schwinn World Sport road bike for only $200 from GreatUsedBikes.com. I actually just got it this morning, and have been loving the hell outta it. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a good reliable bike at a good price. They are extremely helpful and informative and even deliver right to your apartment. Check out the site, great selection of road bikes and cruisers and all affordable. That being said, who's up for a ride to Coney Island?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Delta Spirit is coming to Brooklyn

Well what good news that is. I was playing their album "Ode To Sunshine" this morning in the office and about halfway through the last song I started thinkin' "hmmm I wonder if they have new tour dates up?" Well sho' nuff, they do. And they're coming to Brooklyn. March 25th you can catch them at Union Hall in Park Slope. And three days after the pillow fight in Union Square? I gotta say I've really been crossing my fingers that Delta Spirit would be coming to New York City sooner than later. Much like Alberta Cross, they were recommended to me by my swell friend Meghan, and at first I was like "hmmm yea it's cool". A few months later I gave their EP another listen and while I was really enjoying it this time around, the song "People, Turn Around!" hit me in a way very songs have. You know the way I'm talking about. When you hear it you feel like this is the song you've been waiting to hear your whole life (until you hear the next song that does that to you, of course). But that's what this song did. So i got my hands on their full length album (they say a vinyl release is coming, where's the wax boys?) and there it was. I had fallen in love with this band. They'd redone "People, Turn Around!" and it sounds even better than before. Other songs like "Children" and "Trashcan" also quickly stole my soul and they can keep it. They deserve it. So I encourage all to venture to Union Hall that evening and grab a beer and sing along to one of the best bands making music right now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NYC Pillow Fight 08!

Yup, that's right. I'm sure you've seen it popping up on your news feed on Facebook. Maybe wondering what the hell it's all about? Well, it's simple. PILLOW FIGHT!!! Saturday March 22 is International Pillow Fight Day. Why is this awesome? Cause it's a pillow fight between you and thousands of other people. This year it is taking place in Boston, Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Shanghai, Vancouver, Washington DC and of course right here in New York City (hosted here by Newmindspace). There's no reason for not attending this unless you don't have arms. Even then, just come and get whacked with pillows. It's happening on March 22nd, the first offical day of Spring in Union Sq from 3PM til 4PM. Grab a pillow, hop on the subway and come relive those carefree elementary school years with a bunch of strangers. For you fellow social network nerds you can check out the Facebook event listing here. Be there or be lame.

Better Makins in my cigarettes

I don't really have much to say about this. Except Marolboro's sure do have some "better makins". I'm gonna have me a Marlboro now.

Also, did any of those football team characters seem just a leeeeeeeeetle bit racist at all?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Please, make this forever...

The poor little G train. Often subject of ridicule and butt end of many jokes by NYC straphangers. He's the little engine that couldn't but damnit really wants to. Personally I love it. It runs very close to my apartment, it goes places I like going to (for the most part), and I don't ride during rush hours so I never have to deal with cramming into one it's four cars (average NYC subway train is 8-11 cars long). I don't mind having to do the G train sprint every now and then, I really don't.
The G train normally terminates at the Smith/9th St. station in Red Hook (by now it's been sharing track with the F train, which continues to Coney Island after here). This was frustrating when I lived on 4th ave in Greenwood Heights because if the G would have gone ONE more stop to 4th Ave it would have made getting to Ft. Greene, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City, ect so much easier. And now living in Ft. Greene it would make returning to the Park Slope/Greenwood Heights area such an easy thing.
This weekend til early Tuesday morning (as well as Feb 23-25 and Mar 1-3) there is some major changes to subway service in Brooklyn. No C trains will be running, F trains will be rerouted over the C line btw Jay St and Euclid Ave, and the G train will continue past Smith/9th St all the way to Coney Island. Which means... G service to Park Slope! I even rode a G train with 6 cars on it the other night, it was weeeeird man. This must be taken full advantage of. So many diners, bars, restaurants, record stores and more that I've missed from that neighborhood will be visited in these time frames allotted. There's constant talk of the G extending to Church Ave soon, but no dates are ever given. Come on now MTA, I've written you about this in the past. It'll be make many people happy riders.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brooklyn Waterfalls?

Well yes, there will be one. From July til October this year, a waterfall will be constructed on one of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge. This will be one of four pieces of a public arts project by Olafur Eliasson (at a cost of about $15 million in private donations). The city seems to think this project will generate $55 million is tourist revenue. I think that's pretty high speculation but who am I to judge? Regardless it'll be pretty cool to see a waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm gonna start taking bets now on how long it will be before some nutjob decides it's a fun idea to try to jump off the "Brooklyn Falls". With any luck they'll get sucked into the turbine water pumps at the base of the bridge.

*edit: Fuck you Brooklyn.com for taking down my crosslink. Sorry for trying to give you free advertising, ya bags of douche.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Proof That Alberta Cross exists in the now

Photos from Alberta Cross's performance at The Living Room last Tuesday have been posted on my Flickr page or click the Flickr link on the links section. I'll probably snap some more on Thursday night when I see them again.

P.S. random note for anyone looking for cheap drinks and eats in the Lower East Side on Tuesdays... Epstein's Bar (I know, I know) on the corner of Stanton and Allen has half priced drinks and meals from 7 til 11. I had a nice burger & fries and a giant mug (larger than a pint mind you) of delicious IPA for $6. Try to beat that.

FU, This Is Hell

After a nice afternoon stroll down Myrtle Ave I stopped by the post office to pick up a record that somehow didn't fit in my mailbox, even though 7" records have fit before without any problem. That being said, I finally have my copy of "Cripplers" by This Is Hell. Six tracks of hardcore the way it should be played including 3 covers (The Beastie Boys, Civ and The Movielife). This is a nice little appetizer before their new LP "Misfortunes" comes out later this month. I'll be checking them out at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg (I still call it the North Six) this Friday night with Gallows and The Cancer Bats. I may or may not be taking pictures.

Alberta Cross next week @ The Living Room

Alberta Cross is not like any band I've heard in quite some time. At first listen you'll refuse to believe they're a band from London putting out records in this day. My friend Meghan turned me on to them many months back and my initial reaction was "it's cool..." A few months after that I listened again and was somehow completely floored this time around. Now I view it as my mission to turn as many people on to this band as I can. That being said, they are playing The Living Room on Ludlow next Thursday night. I saw them there this Tuesday and it was more than I expected, I'll be posting pictures from that on my Flickr later today. This is not a show to be missed.

Godspeed you...

I am about to go be a man and brave the mayhem of the Pratt Station post office for 11205. All for something they could have fit in my mailbox...