Saturday, March 7, 2009

Papacito's garden opens May 5th!

Who likes Mexican street style food? You're a liar if you didn't raise your hand. Who likes beer? You fucking liars, get your hands up! Well good news for all, on May 5th Papacitos will open their beloved patio and beer garden! Along with the grand fiesta, Papacitos will be unveiling new nightly specials, a daily $1.50 taco special and $ Tecate special. Not to mention they also have a great new vegan menu! Yes, Papacitos caters to eaters of all walks, and everything is delicious.

Oh and did you know they deliver? Cause they do, TIL 5 AM starting May 5th! And they've just expanded their delivery zone to even include the lower parts of Long Island City. Check out their menu on their website, but honestly you're better off just stopping by, grabbing a 32oz Tecate and kickin back with a burrito that could beat up your dad. If your dad was also a burrito...

Papacitos Brooklyn
999 Manhattan Ave
Greenpoint - Brooklyn 11222

train to Greenpoint Ave

B43 and B61 buses to India St

Monday, March 2, 2009

Recommendations... Again Damnit

Some more crap I like lately, you should like it too.

Iron Chic - Demo
I'm just gonna say it now, you need this. Just download it now. Remember Latterman? Yea me too, they fucking ruled and they're not a band anymore. Life sucks, move on, as they have. Iron Chic is another chapter of that featuring members of Latterman and the also awesome Small Arms Dealer. Shout along songs that are almost nostalgic in a sense but not in a cheesy way at all. It's just some great pop punk anthems. These guys are gonna make some great records in the future. Listen to the demo, and listen often. I love it more and more every time.

Download from If You Make It

Get Bent - Demo
Some killer dudes from Ridgewood, Queens (gotta support the locals). Some more rough catchy as hell pop punk with some interesting guitar work as well. Sing alongs like woah. Another band we'll hopefully see a lot more from in the future.

Download from If You Make It

These album downloads were once again made available from the awesome site If You Make It and the respective artists. Check out the Pink Couch Sessions on If You Make It for some great exclusive performances by some of the best artists out there right now. Support your local DIY music scene and go see these bands when they play. If they have shit, buy it.