Thursday, May 14, 2009

7" Of The Week: Get Bent - Demo E.P.

Get Bent - Demo E.P.

Well it was nice while it lasted. Get Bent unfortunately is no more but they leave behind a handful of songs for us to enjoy and remember em by. This is their demo released on 7" format by the good folks at Long Island's Dead Broke Rekerds. Four songs of quirky and gritty pop punk. Dynamic guitars bounce around mid tempo shout along songs wrapped around raspy vocals belting out melodies that call for high fiving your nearest buddy. Get Bent, ye is gone far too soon. Don't worry, the dudes are all up to other projects which are just as great, nobody likes staying musically bored around these parts. Seriously how many people in the NYC/LI scene are in more than one band? I'm in three myself. If you supply an actual number I'll buy you a copy of this. Speaking of which, only 30 remain of the 500 pressed, so get on it before you're shit out of luck.

Purchase this 7" from Dead Broke Rekerds! ONLY 30 LEFT!
Purchase the TAPE from Dead Broke Rekerds! *includes bonus track "Barback Mountain"!
Download MP3 from If You Make It! *include bonus track "Ridgewood, Son"!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leave Home ...and go to this

Who likes art, bands, booze and cheap good times? Yeah, just about anyone I guess... Well if that kinda stuff is your cup of tea, head over to Death By Audio in Williamsbur on Friday evening for Leave Home, an art installation by Kate Wadkins, Lauren Denitzio, Cristy Road and Tamara Waite-Santibanez. There's also booze, usually courtesy of the guy in the back room slingin' cans of Busch from a cooler. Hurray beer! (feel free to throw some tall boys or 40s in your bag as well before heading over). And as if that all wasn't good enough, you'll be fortunate enough to have your ears loved by the sounds of the lovely Laura Stevenson and your face rocked by Brooklyn/New Brunswick's Little Lungs. More artists TBA, who will more than probably be great as well (why ruin a good thing?) Full details and all the what not can be found below:

Leave Home

A Collaborate Art Installation

Lauren Denitzio / Black And Red Eye
Cristy Road
Kate Wadkins
Tamara Waite-santibanez / No Guts No Glory

Little Lungs
Laura Stevenson
+ More Tba

at Death By Audio
89 S 2nd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
8PM - $5 donation

Purchase Little Lungs' 7" Hoist Me Up from Salinas Records.
Download Laura Stevenson's album A Record for free from Quote Unquote Records.