Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reviving more than just a tour

Odds are you already know of The Revival Tour going on this fall featuring Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Ben Nichols (Lucero) and Tim Barry (Avail). Odds are you know it's going to be an incredible show to experience as these three are some of the most influential song writers in contemporary punk music and what really is punk rock but folk music with fast drums and distorted powerchords?

Well the fine gents making up The Revival Tour figured it's not enough to just provide us all with a sure to be memorable performance, but we should have some music to take home with us. Chuck and his wife recently pressed a CD called "Revival Road" on their own Ten Four Records. The disc features songs from Chuck, Ben and Tim and will be available every night of the tour. Vinyl you ask? Duh of course vinyl is going to be available. Vinyl Collective and Side One Dummy will have the record available on vinyl and you'll also be able to grab it at the later dates of the tour. There are 500 pressed on brown vinyl with Kraft paper silkscreened jackets and 1,000 printed on white vinyl with black paper silkscreened jackets. You can currently pre-order either individually or a special package of both for $25 from the good folks at Vinyl Collective. Yea, I got the package of both. As if I had a choice? Details of the NYC date can be found below.

The Revival Tour
f/ Chuck Ragan, Ben Nichols, Tim Barry and special guest Frank Turner
Monday Oct 13th
The Blender Theater at Gramercy
127 E 23rd St. Manhattan, NYC

6 train to 23rd St
R/W trains to 23rd St
L train to 3rd Ave

Monday, September 15, 2008

Extend your stay, amongst other things

Came across this lovely video whilst boredly perusing the intrawebs. I've stayed at Extended Stay Hotels before, and while I must say it is comfy as hell, I didn't experience this high degree of "relaxation". Maybe they've got some killer new wings at the hotel bar? It might be time to plan another trip though, that's some impressive power.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

NYC + Craft Beer = oh shit...

Beer. Anyone who knows a damn thing about me knows how much I like beer of all dimensions and qualities. I will spend $10+ on a single 120z bottle of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. I will also have no problem whatsoever riffling through all my pants for change to cough up $2.50 for a 40 of Colt 45.

It's NY Craft Beer Week and it couldn't have come at a better time of the year. Summer is ending. Fall is starting. The weather is becoming more and more bearable throughout the days and nights. So what better time to get some friends together for a good ol' fashion bar crawl?

It's a pretty simple idea. Purchase your $19 ticket for the night online (I assume you print it out?) and check out the event's website to see what bars in what neighborhoods are participating. Each bar has about 3 beers selected for the event week and will provide 8oz glasses (pictured above) to sample each one in. 8oz may seem small, but figure it's 3 beers per bar, and about 8 bars per neighborhood and you're not limited to just one neighborhood for the evening! Next weekend I'll be taking part in the Greenpoint bar crawl (excited to check out the Hop Obama from Sixpoint Brewery at Black Rabbit) which depending on how drunk we get, will trickle down to the Williamsburg bars participating as well. Check out the list of beers available at this week's celebration.

Greenpoint Bars participating:
The Mark Bar
1025 Manhattan Ave
224 Franklin St
Van Gogh's Radio Lounge
147 Franklin St
Black Rabbit
91 Greenpoint Ave
The Diamond
43 Franklin St
The Gutter Bar
200 N 14th St

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sounds of the NYC underground

For the past few weeks MSG Network has been broadcasting a show called NYC Sound Tracks which put 16 NYC subway musicians up against each other and based on viewer votes, they'd narrow it down to one finalist. I've seen a few episodes of it (now that I finally have cable at my apartment) and it's been a real cool show. I've even recognized some of the musicians (bearded flute dude, Boradway-Lafayette station on the B train, sup brother).

This weekend's episode will be the final for this season and it's been narrowed down to either Dorian Spencer or Gibran Soul to be crowned the official (according to MSG viewers atleast) Best NYC Subway Artist. It'll air at 8pm this Sunday on MSG Network. Here's a video with a snippet from the show.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Duuuuude I'm sooo...

Fucked Up will giving a special performance tomorrow (9/12) evening in Manhattan at the ever excellent Generation Records. They'll go on at 8PM and if you wanna go you better email fuckedup@matadorrecords.com reaaaaaaaaaaaally fuckin' fast cause space is absurdly limited. It's at a record store people... I'll be there with camera in hand. Now if only my Mac was working so I could actually upload the photos... Regardless, if you live in New York and you happen to actually enjoy good music, I highly recommend you make an attempt to email that address with your name to ensure you'll get in. I ain't promising you will though (I'm all set so screw ya'll). Their next LP "The Chemistry Of Common Life" is due out next month on Matador Records.

Fucked Up
Generation Records
210 Thompson St
Greenwich Village, NYC

A, C, E, B, D, V or F trains to W 4th St.
1 or 2 trains to Houston St.
R or W trains to 8th St.
PATH train to 9th St.
fuck Manhattan buses...