Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Delta Spirit is coming to Brooklyn

Well what good news that is. I was playing their album "Ode To Sunshine" this morning in the office and about halfway through the last song I started thinkin' "hmmm I wonder if they have new tour dates up?" Well sho' nuff, they do. And they're coming to Brooklyn. March 25th you can catch them at Union Hall in Park Slope. And three days after the pillow fight in Union Square? I gotta say I've really been crossing my fingers that Delta Spirit would be coming to New York City sooner than later. Much like Alberta Cross, they were recommended to me by my swell friend Meghan, and at first I was like "hmmm yea it's cool". A few months later I gave their EP another listen and while I was really enjoying it this time around, the song "People, Turn Around!" hit me in a way very songs have. You know the way I'm talking about. When you hear it you feel like this is the song you've been waiting to hear your whole life (until you hear the next song that does that to you, of course). But that's what this song did. So i got my hands on their full length album (they say a vinyl release is coming, where's the wax boys?) and there it was. I had fallen in love with this band. They'd redone "People, Turn Around!" and it sounds even better than before. Other songs like "Children" and "Trashcan" also quickly stole my soul and they can keep it. They deserve it. So I encourage all to venture to Union Hall that evening and grab a beer and sing along to one of the best bands making music right now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NYC Pillow Fight 08!

Yup, that's right. I'm sure you've seen it popping up on your news feed on Facebook. Maybe wondering what the hell it's all about? Well, it's simple. PILLOW FIGHT!!! Saturday March 22 is International Pillow Fight Day. Why is this awesome? Cause it's a pillow fight between you and thousands of other people. This year it is taking place in Boston, Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Shanghai, Vancouver, Washington DC and of course right here in New York City (hosted here by Newmindspace). There's no reason for not attending this unless you don't have arms. Even then, just come and get whacked with pillows. It's happening on March 22nd, the first offical day of Spring in Union Sq from 3PM til 4PM. Grab a pillow, hop on the subway and come relive those carefree elementary school years with a bunch of strangers. For you fellow social network nerds you can check out the Facebook event listing here. Be there or be lame.

Better Makins in my cigarettes

I don't really have much to say about this. Except Marolboro's sure do have some "better makins". I'm gonna have me a Marlboro now.

Also, did any of those football team characters seem just a leeeeeeeeetle bit racist at all?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Please, make this forever...

The poor little G train. Often subject of ridicule and butt end of many jokes by NYC straphangers. He's the little engine that couldn't but damnit really wants to. Personally I love it. It runs very close to my apartment, it goes places I like going to (for the most part), and I don't ride during rush hours so I never have to deal with cramming into one it's four cars (average NYC subway train is 8-11 cars long). I don't mind having to do the G train sprint every now and then, I really don't.
The G train normally terminates at the Smith/9th St. station in Red Hook (by now it's been sharing track with the F train, which continues to Coney Island after here). This was frustrating when I lived on 4th ave in Greenwood Heights because if the G would have gone ONE more stop to 4th Ave it would have made getting to Ft. Greene, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City, ect so much easier. And now living in Ft. Greene it would make returning to the Park Slope/Greenwood Heights area such an easy thing.
This weekend til early Tuesday morning (as well as Feb 23-25 and Mar 1-3) there is some major changes to subway service in Brooklyn. No C trains will be running, F trains will be rerouted over the C line btw Jay St and Euclid Ave, and the G train will continue past Smith/9th St all the way to Coney Island. Which means... G service to Park Slope! I even rode a G train with 6 cars on it the other night, it was weeeeird man. This must be taken full advantage of. So many diners, bars, restaurants, record stores and more that I've missed from that neighborhood will be visited in these time frames allotted. There's constant talk of the G extending to Church Ave soon, but no dates are ever given. Come on now MTA, I've written you about this in the past. It'll be make many people happy riders.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brooklyn Waterfalls?

Well yes, there will be one. From July til October this year, a waterfall will be constructed on one of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge. This will be one of four pieces of a public arts project by Olafur Eliasson (at a cost of about $15 million in private donations). The city seems to think this project will generate $55 million is tourist revenue. I think that's pretty high speculation but who am I to judge? Regardless it'll be pretty cool to see a waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm gonna start taking bets now on how long it will be before some nutjob decides it's a fun idea to try to jump off the "Brooklyn Falls". With any luck they'll get sucked into the turbine water pumps at the base of the bridge.

*edit: Fuck you Brooklyn.com for taking down my crosslink. Sorry for trying to give you free advertising, ya bags of douche.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Proof That Alberta Cross exists in the now

Photos from Alberta Cross's performance at The Living Room last Tuesday have been posted on my Flickr page or click the Flickr link on the links section. I'll probably snap some more on Thursday night when I see them again.

P.S. random note for anyone looking for cheap drinks and eats in the Lower East Side on Tuesdays... Epstein's Bar (I know, I know) on the corner of Stanton and Allen has half priced drinks and meals from 7 til 11. I had a nice burger & fries and a giant mug (larger than a pint mind you) of delicious IPA for $6. Try to beat that.

FU, This Is Hell

After a nice afternoon stroll down Myrtle Ave I stopped by the post office to pick up a record that somehow didn't fit in my mailbox, even though 7" records have fit before without any problem. That being said, I finally have my copy of "Cripplers" by This Is Hell. Six tracks of hardcore the way it should be played including 3 covers (The Beastie Boys, Civ and The Movielife). This is a nice little appetizer before their new LP "Misfortunes" comes out later this month. I'll be checking them out at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg (I still call it the North Six) this Friday night with Gallows and The Cancer Bats. I may or may not be taking pictures.

Alberta Cross next week @ The Living Room

Alberta Cross is not like any band I've heard in quite some time. At first listen you'll refuse to believe they're a band from London putting out records in this day. My friend Meghan turned me on to them many months back and my initial reaction was "it's cool..." A few months after that I listened again and was somehow completely floored this time around. Now I view it as my mission to turn as many people on to this band as I can. That being said, they are playing The Living Room on Ludlow next Thursday night. I saw them there this Tuesday and it was more than I expected, I'll be posting pictures from that on my Flickr later today. This is not a show to be missed.

Godspeed you...

I am about to go be a man and brave the mayhem of the Pratt Station post office for 11205. All for something they could have fit in my mailbox...