Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Serve, Protect and Beat The Shit Out Of You If We Feel Like It

As a cyclist in this city, you put up with a lot. Joggers running against traffic in the BIKE lane, not many bike lanes to begin with, moronic and careless drivers who think bikes are supposed to ride on the sidewalk (it's ILLEGAL numbnuts) and occasionally yes, police officers with nothing better to do than give you a hard time (gawd forbid they go patrol some neighborhoods that need it). I've had my share of cops messing with me for stupid nonsense. But NOTHING I or anyone I know has ever experienced in NYC, Philly, Baltimore and wherever the hell else I or my friends have biked compares to what happened at Friday's Critical Mass in midtown Manhattan.

Nice little display of how much you care about serving and protecting there officer. And to top it off, the kid got arrested and the cop denied it all! Police drunk on power is a huge problem in this city and I really start to wonder what it's going to take before something is done about it. You'd think the Shawn Bell murder would have? But no, that just proved that you could blast 50+ rounds into an unarmed person and walk away if you have a badge. So really, what is it gonna take in this city?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sonic Youth to close the show

Well we all knew it was coming. This summer is the last year for JellyNYC pool parties and other concerts at McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint (that's right, it's in Greenpoint, sorry Williamsburg). The pool parties have been the apple of our summer eyes for the past few years. Bands you want to see, for free? Shit where do I sign up? Nowhere, just show up. But it must come to an end (maybe), and who better but to ring out the last note but Sonic Youth? OK it's not the final JellyNYC pool party, but it will be the official last concert at McCarren. The last JellyNYC party will be on August 24th and the lineup will be announced soon. This summer has seen some great shows, and more to come. The Loved Ones showed me that I'll stand in the rain if I really like a band that much. And though I can't say I was particularly impressed with anyone's performance at the MGMT show yesterday, the $2 Sixpoint Sweet Action in the VIP area treated me nicely. Seriously who doesn't like cheap beer? While you must purchase tickets for the Sonic Youth show, that's not such a bad thing. Think of all the shows you're seen for free, it can't kill ya to pay for ONE. And it's SONIC YOUTH. You've heard of them right? Ok cool.

Sat. August 30th
4PM Doors
get tickets
McCarren Park Pool
780 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY
L train to Bedford Ave or Lorimer St
G train to Metropolitan Ave or Nassua Ave

Friday, July 11, 2008

back again

Well it seems I've once again taken a long absence from writing. Laziness? Maybe. Lack of events to write about? Hardly. Distraction from third parties? OK that's it. I wanted to write about Renegade Craft Fair, a review of The Loved Ones at McCarren Pool, NYC Bubble Battle and Brooklyn Kickball. But those things are long past. Well I suppose I can still do a overdue review of Renegade. And if you so please, here's some pictures from The Loved Ones at McCarren Pool. And I go to the kickball games every week so that's still fresh. Ok so I guess I was just lookin for an excuse there with that "long past" nonsense. But alas, ever onward. It's NYC, it's summer, things are happening and if I think it doesn't suck I'll have some words on it here. First thing's first...

Tomorrow night is indeed one of the most anticipated nights of this summer for myself and anyone else who knows a damn thing about good music. Hot Water Music, Thursday and Paint It Black (or as I like to call it, the Time Capsule Show) will be performing together at Terminal 5 in midtown Manhattan. Unusual location for a show of this type, but hey they have fresh (I wish free) empanadas on the third floor balcony and beers are actually sensibly priced for that part of the city. However also that night, Alkaline Trio is headlining Irving Plaza with American Steel and Dillinger 4 supporting. Now I used to love Alkaline Trio, I really did and still love all those records and have even found songs I can appreciate on Crimson and Good Mourning. But to say they're even a shadow of the band who released Goddamnit and Maybe I'll Catch Fire would be a goddamn lie. I propose Alkaline Trio's bus be stopped and searched at the Lincoln Tunnel. And held for several hours forcing them to miss load in and soundcheck. American Steel and Dillinger 4 will have no choice but to come up to Terminal 5 and join the Hot Water/Thursday/Paint It Black show. I think it's a great idea yes? No? Who wants to help make it happen? More importantly who else is gonna be Lost & Found in Greenpoint Bklyn before the show gettin the day started right?