Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hell Gate Brewing Co.

You may or may not know this, but I personally love beer. Like, I really really love beer. From a cheap can of Genny Cream Ale to a glorious bottle of Dogfish Head's Miles Davis Bitches Brew, I love all beer. Well except horse piss like Corona or Bud Light. Fuck that. A while ago, my awesome brother bought me a home brewing kit for Christmas. Unfortunately, due to limited space and time in where I was living, I was never able to dive into it. Now that I have a much bigger apartment with my lady love, it was time to make some beer. The first batch was a light summery beer with some citrusy notes, moderate head retention, unfortunately almost no lacing and was unveiled a tad prematurely. However it was still a decent first beer and in September 2010, Hell Gate Brewing Co. was established with its inaugural batch the "Fuck Summer Ale".

After noting where I went wrong (well, where I can improve), the second batch will be bottled tomorrow. After a few weeks of carbonation and conditioning, the "Steinway Irish Stout" will make it's grand debut. Future brews will ensue as soon as the fermentation keg is cleared and will include the "Ditmars Roasted Marzen", "TriBoro TriHop IPA" and "Ravenswood Imperial Stout" as the next planned runs. Since the brewery is established and named for my lovely little area of Queens, all beers will continue to carry Astoria related titles.

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