Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm pleased to announce that I have returned to the blogging world. My life has changed significantly for the better since I last posted. The new incarnation of Exploding Penguin will focus less on me getting wasted alone in my small Brooklyn apartment and ranting on how much I hate shit. Version 3.0 of EP will now focus on my appreciation of fine beers (and cheap ones, here's lookin at you Rheingold), the comforting pint at an Irish pub, seeing your favorite punk rock band from over a decade ago still put on a hell of a show and the never ending quest for the greatest slice of pizza. So join me again friends, as we await our Flogging Molly tickets to arrive in the mail, enjoy a Guinness on the house at Shillelagh Tavern, measure out how much Cascade hops to add to this new batch of home brewed IPA and scour the streets of northern Queens for a slice.

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