Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chic Fellows and Drug Trenches

Awesome show alert. Every now and then you see the lineup for a show and you think to yourself "there's not a single band on this that I only kinda want to see, cuz I wanna see them as much as I want to see Taco Bell Day become a nationally recognized holiday". I'm not alone on that Taco Bell Day thing, right? Anyway. This Friday we have one of those shows. Hop on the ol' reliable G train and come on out to Tommy's Tavern and catch Iron Chic, Fellow Project, Whiskey Trench and Go Sell Drugs. Cheap show, cheep beers, great bands. Win, win and win. Whiskey Trench is in town from Canada so best see em while they're stateside! Bring some dollas to snag some shwag from them too (its tough times for touring bands!) All bands also have amazing records available from the fine folks at Dead Broke Rekerds. Go buy the hell out of them, especially Iron Chic's new 'Shitty Rambo' 7 inch EP. It's good as hell.

Show details below...

Iron Chic
Fellow Project
Whiskey Trench

Go Sell Drugs
Tommy's Tavern
1041 Manhattan Ave - Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Friday, December 4th - 9pm $5

train to Greenpoint Ave (use the India St exit)

B61 and B43 buses to India St

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