Thursday, November 26, 2009

Farewell Cheeky - This Weekend in Brooklyn

Well Cheeky, you had a hell of a run. But as always, great bands usually break up with only a few releases out. They always have their reasons, and they're usually the right ones (or else they wouldn't be breaking up, right?) but ya never wanna see the really great ones go. Cheeky is one of those really great ones. They breathed a reviving breath into punk rock with straight forward, angsty and goddamn-catchy-as-hell songs that hadn't really been seen very often in recent years. Kate Eldridge belts out to the point choruses like "Get out of here! Leave me alone!" that need not go any further than that. Just get out of here, and leave her the hell alone. Simple. Far too many bands lately seem to try so hard to put more insightful or thoughtful meaning masked behind their lyrics, and it's getting fucking annoying (especially cause 90% of those bands are aweful). I think the chorus of that Cheeky song applies to those bands nicely.

Well now unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to Cheeky. They've decided to wrap things up where they are and if that's the best thing for them, then so it is. That said, come say farewell to them this Saturday in Brooklyn at Death By Audio. Here's the show details:

Cheeky (last show ever!)
Slingshot Dakota
Zombie Dogs
Stupid Party

at Death By Audio
49 S. 2nd St - Brooklyn, NY
Saturday November 28th - $5 - 7pm - All Ages!

to Marcy Ave.

to Bedford Ave.

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